Ride Summary

This is a great Motorcycle Route that will take you through some beautiful country. The total route will cover about 63 miles and is a comfortable two hours of driving time. Since there are a few good stops along the way, we suggest planning on about 4 hours of time to complete the ride. The ride consists of some great country roads with some tight curves, some sweeping curves and plenty of straight ways for opening up the throttle. There is a great Look Out within the first 16 miles of the trip. There is also good food available in Claudville, VA and in Stuart, VA.

 Ride Directions

Start at the Kanawha Valley Arena Resort.

Leave the Carriage House Saloon on Kanawha Ridge Road. Go to Dugspur Road (.5 miles).

Turn right onto Dugspur Road (VA 638) and go to where VA 638 turns into Squirrel Spur Road (10.7 miles).

Stay on Squirrel Spur Road (VA 614) and go to Ararat Hwy. (5.1 miles).

[Be sure to stop at the great Look Out on Squirrel Spur Road.]

Turn left onto Ararat Hwy. (VA 773) and go to Claudville Hwy. (4.6 miles).

Turn left onto Claudville Hwy. (VA 103) and go to Claudville, VA. (.1 miles)

[Welcome to Claudville – Good food available at the Café of Claudville on this corner.]

Stay on Claudville Hwy. (VA 103) and go to Salem Hwy. (9.0 miles).

Turn left onto Salem Hwy. (VA 8) and go to Stuart, VA. (3.7 miles)

[Welcome to Stuart Virginia- Great family restaurant across from Hardees]

Stay straight on South Main Street (.3 miles).

Turn left onto Dobyns Road (.01 miles).

Take 1st right onto Downtown Bypass (.3 miles)

Stay on Downtown Bypass and go to US 58 West (1.1 miles).

Merge onto US 58 West and go to Dugspur Road (21.6 miles).

Turn right onto Dugspur Road (VA 638) and go to Kanawha Ridge Road (5.4 miles).

Turn left onto Kanawha Ridge Road and go back to the carriage House Saloon at Kanawha Valley Arena Resort (.5 miles)

Our area of the Blue Ridge Mountains is one of the best areas to enjoy Mountain Motorcycle Riding. We are home to the Virginia Blue Ridge Motorcycle Trail which consists of six awesome motorcycle routes, including “Rodeo Run” which starts and ends in our parking lot. Stay a few days and ride each of these great routes:

  • Rodeo Run
  • Serpents Revenge
  • The Orchard Gap Mount Airy Run
  • The Floyd Blue Ridge Parkway Loop
  • Mabry Mill Loop
  • Tuggles Gap Run

These routes offer over 300 miles of fun and challenging mountain motorcycle riding. Enjoy the sweeping curves and long range views on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Descend challenging curves with major elevation drops. Open up the throttle and cruise through lush valleys. These routes offer all of the best of mountain riding.

At the end of your day’s rides, enjoy a great meal and your favorite beverage at our Carriage House Saloon. Listen to some good music as you share your adventures with your friends. Then walk to our new Hotel to crash in one of our clean comfortable rooms or to our modern campground to your own accommodations.